To compliment Natasha’s Monday night combination and drill classes I will be offering monthly workshops, each with a different theme and focus.
Length of time per workshop: 2 hours.
Time 1:30-3:30p.m
Venue:  Rosehill Community Centre.
Sunday 20th January: We will be mastering a magnificent piece of timeless Egyptian music “Leylet Hob’. A blissful way to start the year. Open level class.
Sunday 17th February: It’s time to ‘Dum and Tek’ with this lively drum solo workshop. We will be covering the basic Egyptian Rhythms and combining them to make a pocket rocket choreography.
Sunday 24th March: Fan Veiliscious. It’s time to dig out those fan veils and embrace your most elegant self for a luxurious fan veil choreography.
Sunday 21st April: Shaabi time. Bellydance with a fun, modern twist from the streets of Cairo. Bring some attitude, it’s gonna get loud!
Sunday 19th May: Bellywood bonanza. A vibrant and sassy choreography fusing bellydance and bollywood flavours to make a spicy combination.
Price list (valid until 31st December). After this time, £20 per workshop.
1 workshop: £20
2 workshops: £37.50
3 workshops: £55
4 workshops: £72.50
5 workshops: £90

Workshop Bundles

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