Firstly welcome to the world of bellydance and congratulations! You are about to enter this addictive world of elegance, sparkle and fitness fun!There is plenty of glam and glitter ahead of you but first lets cover the basics.

What can a 12 week block offer me as a beginner?

During 12 weeks you will become familiar with the sounds of the East: ranging from Classical Egyptian to Arabic pop! You will be introduced to key moves in an easy step by step approach,  developing your confidence as we go and gradually building these moves into achievable combinations. The class is designed for complete beginners of all ages and sizes so don’t be shy.

Repetition is the name of the game and this course will have plenty of it through fun drills to help your technique!

So come along and give it a try… smiling faces and enthusiasm are all that is needed for you to get fit and enjoy this ancient art form!

Not sure what to wear? No trainers please, bare foot is usually the easiest. No jeans but comfortable trousers and t shirt (whatever you are most comfortable in) preferred. Layers work well whilst you warm up. If you have a hip scarf/ general pretty scarf bring one along so that you can tie it around your hips. Bring a bottle of water- classes are fast and fun!

What can a 12 week  improvers class offer me?

Have you done bellydance before and are fed up of just practicing your figures of 8 and hip drops around the house? Do you feel confident with the basic moves and want to try something new? If you have over 3- 4 months experience then this course is for you.

The improvers class is aimed at those wanting to expand their dancing ability, technique and tackle some choreography. New moves thrown in with the old give that you that perfect balance that allows you to begin to find your own style, and likes and dislikes.

What can a 12 week advanced class offer me?

This class is perfect for those that have done bellydancing for more than one year. Students will have a good foundation and range of moves that we will continue to layer and develop through choreography. This course if perfect for those that want to learn the subtelties and nuances of musical interpretation and stylisation.

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