Dances Around the Globe Hafla

Date: Friday 9th June

Venue: Rose Hill Community Centre, Oxford

Doors open: 8.30pm. Show starts 9p.m.

Price: £10 for Hafla alone or book as part of a bundle when you book our workshops.

Mim’s bellydance is pleased to welcome you to her first Hafla in Oxford.
The evenings Hafla is the start of a wonderful weekend of workshops of ‘Dances from around the World’ which will also be showcased at the Hafla including Sizzling Samba, Classically Egyptian, Balkan Fusion and Perfectly Persian.

We are proud to announce Guest Star performer *Serena Ramzy * will be joining us as well as Natasha Bradley, Cherie Leigh Marshall.

Performance slots are available on a first come first served basis and we welcome both professional and student level. Contact to book your spot.

Workshop & Hafla Bundles

Dance Around the World Workshops

Date: Saturday 10th June

Venue:St Nicholas Church Hall, Elsfield Road, Old Marston, OX3 0PR

Mim’s bellydance is pleased to welcome you to a day of Dances from around the World brought to you by an array of talented dancers including headline act Serena Ramzy.

Workshop 1: Serena’s Sizzling Samba:
Time: 10:00a.m-12:00pm.
Price: £25 -individual workshop (excluded from workshop bundle)

World renowned bellydancer and samba instructor Serena Ramzy starts the show with a fabulously fisty Samba choreography that’s sure to help you start the day with a smile! Bring trainers or comfortable dancing shoes as your feet are going to be put through their paces with some fancy footwork. A popular workshop so make sure you book your spot!


Workshop 2: Cherie’s Classically Egyptian Bellydance
£20-individual workshop
*included in the workshop multibuy.Cherie is renowned for her vivacious energy and unique choreographies that are sure to spice up your dance repertoire. You shall not be disappointed as this Classical Egyptian piece comes with a little twist..oh la la!LUNCH: 14:15-15:15pm

Workshop 3: Mim’s Balkan Funk
*included in the workshop multibuy.Mim’s brings a taste of the unknown with a workshop focusing on her Balkan heritage. Steeped in mystery and a mirade of influences the Balkan region and its music has a special groove. This workshop introduces you to the sound of the trumpet like you have never heard before combined with a cheeky 1970’s beat. It’s not bellydance, it’s not Jazz, it’s just dancing with lots of soul.
Workshop 4: Natasha’s Perfectly Persian Dance
*included in the workshop multibuy.

Natasha is renowned for her cheeky manuerisms and effortless style which she has finely tuned to encorporate her persian roots. This workshop will give you a taste of Persian elegance, similar to ballet but with more flare and enticing rhythms that will leave you wanting more and get you wondering why you never tried it sooner!

Workshop bundle Prices

Please make sure that Mim’s bellydance is able to contact you to confirm which workshops you have booked and provide you with up to date information about the days. Email for any queries or up to date contact information.

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