Dances Around the Globe Hafla

Date: Friday 14th June 2019

Venue: South Oxford Community Centre, Lake Street, Oxford, OX1 4RP

This year sees Dance Around the Globe Hafla starting in central Oxford close to the train station. It welcomes a variety of bellydance styles as well as other dance genres from beginner to professional level in a fun and cosy atmosphere. Light snacks will be provided. To apply, email £10 as part of the workshop bundle or £15  alone booked in advance. £20 on the door.

Dance Around the World Workshops

Date: Saturday 15th June & Sunday 16th June 2019

Venue:Islip Village Hall, Church Lane, Islip, OX5 2TA

Saturday 15th June 2019

Workshop 1: Bellynesian with Rachel Bennett: 10:15a.m-12:15p.m

Who wants fluid hula hips?

Are you ready to expand your dance horizons with beautiful exotic moves?

Would you like to tell a story through dance with powerful fluid hand gestures?

Need a new challenge that will spice up your drum solos and up your fitness levels?

Join us for an introduction to essential Polynesian dance moves with Hawaiian Hula and Tahitian Dance elements.

Students will learn a range of technique, moves and combinations with meaningful hand gestures used to narrate a charming story in an Aparima dance (a melody or dance with singing) and an energetic and ultra dynamic Otéa (drum piece).

Rachel loves infusing her dance with those tropical dance flavours developing her unique style of Bellynesian.  She can’t wait to share those gorgeous moves with you in a fun workshop that will leave you feeling fabulous!

YouTube clip of Rachel performing an aparima at Silk Route whilst pregnant:
Workshop 2: Persian Pop with Natasha Bradley: 12:30p.m-14:30p.m
British Iranian,Natasha is back by popular demand bringing her unique bubbly character to lively Persian Pop. Trained by Helia Bandeh, you will not be disappointed, as Natasha brings mischievous mannerisms and intricate rhythms perfect to get the party started.
Authentic and fun, this workshop is open to all from beginners to advanced level students. It’s time to be Persianised.
Workshop 3: A Turkish Delight with Helen Santa Maria: 15:30-17:30p.m
Helen Santa Maria, of SMBA, brings you a taste of Turkey in a pocket rocket of a choreography to get your pulses racing. Known for her clear teaching style and step by step approach this choreography is perfect for beginners and advanced students alike. It will give you the opportunity to absorb the addictive rhythms of Anatolia and enjoy a whole choreography.

Sunday 16th June 2019

Workshop 4: A Balkan Dream with Mirjana “Mim” Rasovic: 10:15a.m -12:15p.m

More info coming soon

Workshop 5: Cheeky Shaabi with Cherie Leigh Marshall: 12:30p.m-14:30p.m

More info coming soon

Workshop 6: Egyptian Saiidi with Katie Alyce: 15:30p.m-17:30p.m

Katie Alyce is an international and professional belly dance artist based in London. Some of her performance highlights include dancing on Sky One’s TV show ‘A league of their own’, performing for the royal family of Bahrain, Rita Ora, Sienna Miller, Salma Hayek and fulfilling contracts in Singapore, Australia, the Maldives, Lebanon, Malaysia and more.
Katie’s Saidi workshop will be a masterclass on Saidi technique; using modern and traditional folkloric steps and combinations, all joined together into a upbeat modern Saidi track ‘Saeidy Rais’ by Mahmoud El Leithy
Bring a Saidi stick if you have one! Spares will be provided!

Workshop & Hafla Bundle

Workshop Bundle only

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